Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Last call for Wogga Wogga

Always excited to explore a new city, but as always, you have to make it there first.

My trip was delayed a day because it turns out the folks at the airport are rather stringent on the requirement to have a passport with you when traveling internationally. Not my finest moment as a business traveler. Fortunately my client was amused, not enraged. I nearly missed planes twice and nearly lost my luggage twice, but arrived intact.

The first thing I heard announced in an Australian airport was "Last Call for Wogga Wogga", which would make a great name for a Wiggles album (who I believe are also Australian). For the record, Wogga Wogga is a real place, and not just making the same nonsense noise twice to see if any one calls you on it.

Saw my first "Caution: Kangaroo Crossing" sign.

Also experienced a series of wake-up calls from the native birds, the Canberra Kookaburras. Kookaburra is an aboriginal word meaning "strangling a baby", or at least I assume so based on the noises they are making outside my window. The Canberra Kookaburras would make a great name for a rugby team. It also is the name of the local rugby team.

I am in a land of funny made up words that people pretend are real.

Since its the middle of the winter the sun sets before 5 pm. As such, I'm off to wander around in the dark.

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