Thursday, October 10, 2013

Here comes the rain again

The monsoon season is over, but you wouldn't know it based on yesterday's weather. It was represented by the locals as a full on storm, but to my eyes it wasn't so different from the fiercest rains that we see in Silver Spring. The difference wasn't in what came down from the sky, but what happens when it hits the ground. The drainage is non existent. The building is so dense that water pools quickly and deeply, even in covered areas. Streams form in alleys and rivers on roads. Much of life ceases or slows, but of course we were hitting the highway regardless. Fortunately, even the suicide kings of the Indian roadways recognize the hazard of piloting a flimsy motorbike through a foot or more of standing water. We saw hundreds of bikes and their riders stashed under bridges and awnings waiting for a break in the weather... which meant they weren't cutting us off on the slick roads.

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