Thursday, October 10, 2013


A gleaming office park the size of an entire suburb with no residential or retail, just IT companies, some domestic but predominantly foreign. Clean streets and clean architectural lines unlike anything anywhere else in the city. Hand soap and toilet paper in the bathrooms.
All of this characterizes the relatively new area just outside of Hyderabad officially named Hi-Tech City, but broadly known as Cyberabad. Catchy, no?
Even independent of the contrasts with the rest of the city, the scale of it is jaw dropping. The thousands of people flocking here with us in the morning on our way to the IBM office within gave many, many faces to the faceless notion of outsourcing, and from what I'm told, this pales in comparison to Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune, India's silicon trinity. Although still apparently a predominantly male workforce, I'm getting accustomed to seeing women, even high ranking ones, in the workplace who stick to traditional dress. Not a pantsuit in sight.
I've been to many vacant IBM offices emptied by the combination of teleworking and downsizing, but not here... the place is buzzing. I have met the future and it drives a Tata Indigo.

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