Thursday, February 10, 2011

Imminence breeds panic; structure sedates

My painstaking efforts to absolve myself of my daily duties have
shredded the veil of denial I had so carefully draped over my impending
departure one week hence. Though it's breathtakingly obvious that I am
unprepared for the tasks ahead of me, the facade of planning has given
us the welcome placebo of perceived control. We've completed our work
plan, which purports to be our scheme to transform ourselves from blank
slates to domain experts in 4 short weeks. This without a single
personal contact with the client, no substantive research on our topic,
and no advice from leaders in the field. But I'll be damned if it
doesn't look good. Hubris, thy name is Microsoft Project.

These caveats are not intended to be cop-outs, mind you. I'm sold that
one of the critical assets we bring is our short fuse. We've got the
motivation to succeed quickly, a manufactured crisis by a departure that
looms even as we arrive. We're all technological chameleons, able to
pick up new proficiencies like a musician masters a new piece. I trust
that capacity will translate to these meta-technology issues. We'll plan
our work, work our plan, and deliver a product of value to our client.

Unless we suck.

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